Simple API's to match and rank people based on Proximity and Affinity

An intelligent solution for third-party developers and applications with use-cases to recommend, match and rank their users in real-time, based on geo-location (proximity) and profile data (affinity).

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About MobiBoats API's

MobiBoats API's provide easy-to-integrate recommendation API's for third-party developers and applications.

Our API's are designed to match and rank entities based on comprehensive Proximity and Affinity based AI algorithms. Additionally, we provide analytics and insights for developers to continuously monitor data storage and API calls in real-time.

Why MobiBoats API's?

To help you recommend, match and rank your app's users in a simple way, without diving deep into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) yourself. Our API's are especially useful for location-based applications involving people search.

People Recommendation

Utilize AI technology that enhances people-specific search, based on proximity and affinity algorithms.

Zero Cost

Integrate AI technology into your app without any hardware or cloud infrastructure setup required on your behalf.

Easy Integration

Get started instantly by viewing our documentation and using our simple and neatly-designed API's.

Tracking Features

Track your API operations through analytics and insights, delivered straight into your dashboard in real-time.

Response Time

Deliver a smooth user experience on your app with fast API response time and instant results.

Security & Privacy

Enjoy a safe and reliable environment, where all data is encrypted and protected using latest technology.